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Wellness is a lifestyle and we are here to guide you so that you can get the special person in your life something they truly need. 

With an Unforgivingly Pur. gift card, they'll be able to shop natural, shop black owned and shop quality with the click of a button. We're here to help you win the "Best Gift" award by getting a gift that inspires wellness, beauty and confidence. Gifting the natural way ensures that you are allowing  wellness to be part of an on going journey.

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We provide quality natural ingredients with visible results. No fluff.

Why Unforgivingly Pur.

Curated Natural Scents

Our scents are bold. Our scents are delicious. Our scents are Unforgivingly Pur. We ensure that we not only use natural fragrances over synthetic ones, but that we curate each scent to tickle, soothe, or uplift your mood.

Luxury meets Culture

Everyone has their own definition of luxury and for us you can't have luxury without culture. Our mission is to challenge cultural beauty standards and elevate natural ingredients to create products that will remind you of where you are from.

A Self-care Story

My journey to Wellness