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Wellness Parfum Roller, Toronto, ontario, Unforgivingly Pur.
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Puroma- Wellness Parfum Roller

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Welcome to Puroma Wellness Parfum Roller, the next line of wellness with a scented twist. We're tapping into the benefits of essential oils and flower extracts while also providing you with a product that smells amazing!

Choose from two great products Unwind & Chill or Red Light Special.

Unwind & Chill is a soothing blend of lavender, vanilla with a balancing twist. It is infused with lavender flowers, mangosteen and elderberry and taps into the many benefits of lavender. When you're feeling stressed, need to chill out, sleep better or you just want to smell delicious, use Unwind & Chill.

Our Red Light Special is great to help soothe and alleviate period cramps or muscle aches. Infused with chamomile flowers mangosteen and elderberry this blend is carefully crafted with rose, spices and cashmere to uplift your mood while relaxing your muscles. No more unbearable oil rubs for your period in the name of health. This wellness parfum roller soothes and makes your experience a memorable one. 

Ingredients: Apricot Kernel oil, Mangosteen oil, Elderberry Oil, Natural fragrance



We provide quality natural ingredients with visible results. No fluff.

Why Unforgivingly Pur.

Curated Natural Scents

Our scents are bold. Our scents are delicious. Our scents are Unforgivingly Pur. We ensure that we not only use natural fragrances over synthetic ones, but that we curate each scent to tickle, soothe, or uplift your mood.

Luxury meets Culture

Everyone has their own definition of luxury and for us you can't have luxury without culture. Our mission is to challenge cultural beauty standards and elevate natural ingredients to create products that will remind you of where you are from.

A Self-care Story

My journey to Wellness