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Puroma- Wellness Roller

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Puroma Wellness Rollers are something to get excited about! It's not your regular wellness, it's created as a solution to problems women have been facing for years. Just take a look below:

How many times have we as women blamed Eve for the dreaded period cramps? How often do we tell ourselves we wish we weren't women or we have felt shame over dealing with our menstrual cycles every month. It can honestly be so challenging navigating life as a woman and it's time we get off the wheel of misery! It's quite sad that when in a room full of women, most of them have horror stories of pms symptoms, muscle aches, and unbearable cramps. Women's health is something beautiful, designed by God, fostered by nature and we need to embrace the finer things in life. If that isn't enough, when we aren't dealing with monthly changes sometimes we are depressed, full of anxiety, unable to sleep and seriously unable to just chill out! 

There have been studies that show the powerful benefits of plants, essential oils and natural oils for our complete healing. It's time we step into the right circles that are knowledgeable to provide natural solutions so that we don't spend our time drugged up or strong smelling. What we mean is that sometimes when you do find a natural solution, it smells so strong it repels others and you don't even want to go outside or near other people. 

As our purista, you understand that making natural products smell good is something we stand by and with our Puroma that's no different. Quick story, my sister had this wellness roller for her period cramps and every time, I mean every time she would use that thing, she hated it and I wanted to run and hide. It was so pungent an unappealing to both my sister and I that she asked me, Cola, to make her something that was effective but smelt way better. Mission accomplished!

Our Puroma rollers are the next generation of wellness rollers with a scented twist. We're tapping into the benefits of essential oils and flower extracts while also providing you with a product that smells amazing!

From the problems mentioned above, we have two solutions to choose from. Are you in need of help with pms, period cramps or muscle aches? choose Red Light special. Are you always over worked, stressed out, unable to relax, depressed, anxious or unable to sleep, then you need to have our Unwind & Chill.

Our Red Light Special is great to help soothe and alleviate period cramps or muscle aches. Infused with chamomile flowers mangosteen and elderberry this blend is carefully crafted with rose, spices and cashmere to uplift your mood while relaxing your muscles. No more unbearable oil rubs for your period in the name of health. This wellness roller soothes and makes your experience a memorable one. Rub it on the areas needed and allow it time to work. 

Unwind & Chill is a soothing blend of lavender, vanilla with a balancing twist. It is infused with lavender flowers, mangosteen and elderberry and taps into the many benefits of lavender. When you're feeling stressed, need to chill out, sleep better or you just want to smell delicious, use Unwind & Chill. 

We're all about results the natural way, these products go everywhere with us and now they can now go everywhere with you too. Wellness is just one click away!

Ingredients: Apricot Kernel oil, Mangosteen oil, Elderberry Oil, Natural fragrance blends: 

Red Light special: Chamomile flowers infusion
Benefits of Chamomile
Pain relief
Promotes sleep
Eases skin rashes 
Natural anti depressant 

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Unwind & Chill: Lavender flower infusion
Benefits of Lavender
Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory
Ease headaches
Proven to reduce anxiety, insomnia, depression
May help with restlessness
Help with Sleep 
May reduce stress
May help with brain function

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