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Hair and Body Buttercreme

Hair and Body Buttercreme

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Putting on body butter shouldn't feel like a task, many otha butters can leave your skin greasy and feel like it takes forever to absorb. With our incredibly soft buttercream your skin and hair will feel irresistible and can easily lock in the moisture. Issa whole experience that will boost your mood while your skin thanks you. 

We offer self-care on anotha level, this is a triple butter buttercream with seaweed and Guava extracts and it's here to stay! Purista's your love of our buttercream has convinced us to bring it on permanently and we've added a new spring/summer scent! Already a fan favorite Coco Margarita is making a comeback but in our amazing line of butters...yay. Which scent suits your mood? Subtle but sweet, Sweet talk kiss with a twist, refreshing Lemonberry Goodness or Fun and yummy Coco Margarita

Pair this up with our amazing body scrub to enrich your experience!

Note to Purista

*May cause your partner to caress you nonstop*

*Will leave your skin feeling irresistible*

*Will cause an over-boost in confidence*


We provide quality natural ingredients with visible results. No fluff.

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Our scents are bold. Our scents are delicious. Our scents are Unforgivingly Pur. We ensure that we not only use natural fragrances over synthetic ones, but that we curate each scent to tickle, soothe, or uplift your mood.

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Everyone has their own definition of luxury and for us you can't have luxury without culture. Our mission is to challenge cultural beauty standards and elevate natural ingredients to create products that will remind you of where you are from.

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