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No longer is it just something for women, but every man needs to invest in the foundations of wellness and start with the basics. This For Him collection is everything you need when starting out because it is a simple yet effect routine that is manageable on a daily basis. We have unique multipurpose products that are for the face, body and beard. 

Natural Deodorant

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Vegan Friendly. Nut Free. Aluminum & Baking Soda Free. For All Sweat Types 

Why switch to natural deodorant?

Let's first take a look at regular deodorant 

  • Many commercial deodorants use Aluminum, synthetic fragrances and other  ingredients that may cause irritation or have been linked to cancer and other ailments
  • Equivalent to eating unhealthy food. You know it's not the best and it won't necessarily harm you right now so you eat it even though you know better.
  • Some synthetic fragrances are composed with hormone disruptors and their lingering strong scent may cause headaches. 
  • Cheaper in price, but also composed with fillers 

Now let's look at natural deodorants. 

  • Allows your body to sweat naturally 
  • Doesn't clog pores and create that "yellow stain" on clothes
  • Lasts only a couple hours before the odour returns
  • Some deodorants use essential oils but also some use synthetic fragrances to make it smell commercially better.

Lastly let's look at Unforgivingly Pur's Natural deodorant

  • Allows your body to sweat naturally and promotes healthy skin bacteria for effective odour protection even when you're not wearing deodorant
  • Doesn't clog pores and create that "yellow stain" on clothes
  • Uses safe natural fragrances and essential oils that have mood- boosting benefits.
  • Equivalent to eating healthy food. It's jam packed full of nutrients and has long lasting overall health benefits.
  • Investment into health is priceless
  • Formulated with plant based butters, extract and magnesium for full protection all day.

When you switch to our Unforgivingly Pur. natural deodorant you join the many puristas who have fallen in love and call our deodorant number one in Canada. It's been time to switch, and it's worth the leap of faith because unlike other natural deodorants that will leave you stinkin after a couple hours; we gotchu you covered for the full day. You can bring our mini deodorant on road with you, but you won't need it. Not even if you're dancing, at work or doing light house work. The bonus is that we are not only vegan friendly but we are also nut free. 

This is the freedom y'all have been looking for and the unique scent profiles we have created are even more reason for you to subscribe to the Pur way of doing things, even if you are a man. We have specifically created a For Him line to give men unique scents with the same strong protection throughout their daily lives. 

No more looking around for the perfect deodorant. No more settling for lackluster natural deodorants. We can say with confidence that through the 3 years it took us to develop this formulation we've had your comfort in mind the entire time. Our deodorant glides on easily, absorbs quickly, doesn't stain your clothes, boosts your mood, lasts all day and 1 stick can last anywhere from 2-4 months depending on use. Deodorant is something you're going to be using everyday anyway, so why not put your health first and use something that is natural and effective. Ok enough talking, click to add your favorite scent to your cart and let's start this journey together.

If this is your first time switching to natural deodorant, please remember that you may experience a detox period when your body is purging the aluminum in order to prepare for that natural life. Sometimes the best things take time, our deodorant is definitely one of those. Another thing to note is that not all scent profiles may agree with you. ex you may love lavender but your body may not! Don't worry we have different scents to choose from. Remember, you are not in this alone, there is a community of puristas and we also have some pretty amazing transition stories. 

We have 6 amazing scents : Citrus Splash, Shades of Green, Sweet Calm, Tropical Pineapple & For Him: Sensual Blue sage & Millionaire Motives.

Not sure what scent is for you? Head over to our collection page to read about our scent experiences or start with our mini set to find the perfect scent. 

The best way to ensure you're never missing out is to subscribe, you'll save money but also never have to worry about running out to the grocery store to grab whatever is handy simply because you didn't plan ahead. Yep, we said it! Buy now or subscribe now, either way its a win-win.


Kokum, Magnesium, Candelilla wax,  Apricot oil infused with thyme, Natural silicone (Olive oil), Glycerin, Kaolin Clay, Aloe, Tapioca Starch, Murumuru butter, Aqua, Natural Fragrance, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate,  Uccuba butter, Emulsifying wax, Amarantheth-20, Zinc Oxide,  Wasabia japonica (Wasabi) Root Extract & Zingiber officinale (Ginger) Root Extract & Allium sativum (Garlic) Bulb Extract, Natural preservative (Coconut), Carnauba wax, Saccharomyces Ferment, Proprietary deo blend, Vitamin E

Unforgivingly Pur. Durham Region. Bold. Natural. Authentic. Clean Beauty Skincare

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Natural Deodorant Minis

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Vegan. Nut Free. Aluminum & Baking Soda Free. For All Sweat Types  

Natural & Non-Stinky On The Go

Now that we've introduced you to our amazing natural deodorant and we've explained why we are clearly the better brand to invest in, we want to introduce you to our minis aka travel size. These are for the newbies who wanna take a smaller leap of faith or for our committed puristas who won't travel without it. Although cute and compact, they pack a mighty punch and are ready to protect you on the go. 

We have a set with our 4 original scents that you can purchase for yourself or if you're in the sharing mood there's enough to joy to go around. However if it's just the one you want we have 6 show-stopping scents to choose from. Our mini's sell pretty fast, I wouldn't delay if I were you. 

Size: 1 oz

Unforgivingly Pur. Durham Region. Bold. Natural. Authentic. Clean Beauty Skincare

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3 in 1 clay facial scrub from Unforgivingly Pur Beauty Toronto Ontario
3 in 1 Citrus facial clay scrub from Unforgivingly Pur beauty Toronto ontario
3 in 1 Hibiscus facial clay scrub from Unforgivingly Pur Beauty Toronto Ontario
3 in 1 Charcoal facial clay scrub from Unforgivingly Pur Beauty Toronto Ontario
Face scrub  with fresh face, toronto's smoothest scrub. clay mask, cleanser, exfoliation. Unforgivingly Pur. Toronto

3 in 1 Face Scrub

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Exfoliate & Brighten

Vegan Friendly. Nut Free. For All Skin Types 

We know what it's like to have a lot to do and very little time consequently rushing through or skipping skincare routines! Therefore, we created our 3-in-1 face scrub, to help you get it ALL done!  

We introduce you to this 3 in 1, cleanser, clay mask & gentle exfoliator that when used as a scrub will save you time while giving you that at-home spa experience you'll love in less than 5 minutes. If your mood is to self-care and chill, use as a mask and allow it dry while lounging in your favorite silk robe. The soap base and silk protein allows this product to remove any blemishes or frustrations while exotic ingredients do their job to hydrate and balance out your face. Many face scrubs are just basic basic, but we embrace the wonders of dragon fruit, baobab, quinoa protein, seaweed, turmeric and fruit acids to ensure you have a well balanced experience with this powerful product. 

To be honest, the radiance you feel by indulging in our 3 in 1 face scrub will ensure a soft glow that you've never seen before. Can all skin types use this? yes of course, no Purista left behind! Above all, when irritating bumps show up, instead of popping them, which can leave bruises, use a dap as a spot treatment to get quick results so you can get up and go! To maximize the benefits, use it twice a week or as a often as your face can handle. 

Recap! Did you realize you could get rid of:

  • acne
  • blackheads
  • dark marks 
  • dry patches
  • uneven skin tone

Get these amazing benefits as a result of adding the right scrub to your simple routine. Certainly get this all in one scrub now to reveal bright glowing skin. It's that black don't crack season but it applies to both men and women of all ages and complexions.

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Available in three different scent experiences

Smells like

Citrus Balance with Watermelon + Turmeric for brightening?

Refreshing sweet citrus blend with a hint of turmeric


Pumice Stone, Coco Glucoside, Natural soap, foaming silk, Aloe Juice, French Pink clay, Kaolin clay, Glycerin, Watermelon Fruit Extract, Natural Preservative, Quinoa protein, Fruit acids, Natural Emulsifier, Perilla seed oil, Natural Fragrance, Licorice root extract, Lemon Peel Extract, Bamboo extract, Turmeric oil

Hibiscus Mojito with exotic Dragon fruit + Seaweed for healthy-aging and hydration.

 Vibrant Lime with a hint of mint. Great for destressing. 


Pumice Stone, coco glucoside, Natural soap, foaming silk, Hibiscus, French pink clay, kaolin clay, Dragon fruit extract, Natural Preservative, Baobab extract, Glycerin, Seaweed, Natural Emulsifier, Perilla seed oil, Natural fragrance, White willow extract, Ginseng Root Extract, Bamboo extract

Midnight Motives with seaweed and AHA's

 Sultry bourbon, and vanilla with hint of blood orange.


Pumice Stone, coco glucoside, Natural soap, Foaming silk, Champa floral water, French pink clay, kaolin, Sugar Cane, Orange, Lemon, Sugar Maple Natural preservative, Baobab extract, Glycerin, Seaweed, Natural Emulsifier, Perilla seed oil, White willow extract, Charcoal, Bamboo.


90 g


Unforgivingly Pur. Durham Region. Bold. Natural. Authentic. Clean Beauty Skincare

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Coffee Body scrub, toronto, ontario, Unforgivingly Pur.
Pink Himalayan salt & Lavender body scrub, toronto, ontario, Unforgivingly Pur
Pink Himalayan Salt Body scrub with lavender flowers from Unforgivingly Pur. beauty industry Toronto, ontario.
Unforgivingly Pur. Foot + Body Scrub Exfoliation, Toronto Ontario
Pop top Coffee scrub foot and body Toronto Ontario, Unforgivingly Pur beauty
Customer Testimonial of body Scrub, Toronto Unforgivingly Pur beauty

2-in-1 cleansing Foot & Body Scrub

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Energize & Refresh Me

Vegan Friendly. Nut Free. For All Skin Types  

Tired of painful ingrown hairs, patchy dry skin, or rough heels? In need of a pedicure but spa wait times are too long? If so, you need our 2-in-1 foot + body scrub! No need to spend extra time or change your shower habits.

Let stress be washed away-literally! With this scrub, you will not only save time, because of its cleansing soap-base and exfoliating properties but in addition, your skin/feet will be so moisturized and glowing! Above all, your shower experience will never be the same again! We know you love your naturally sourced products and that’s why you won’t find anything harsh in the formula. In conclusion, upgrade from the average oil-based scrub to our 2-in-1 soap-based foot + body scrub available in 2 indulgent scents.

We've remixed our hydrating base with some fan favorites. Therefore whether you choose nourishing Pink Himalayan Salt in Serenity or exotic Blue Mountain Coffee in Blue Mountain & biscuits, you're sure to fall in love.  It's a win-win. Your desired skin is just one scrub away, we can't wait until you experience at home luxury with our 2 in 1 foot + body scrub. One of our Purista's even called this scrub life changing! So whether you are a man or woman, the choice of scrub is your decision, are you ready to start today? or will you keep delaying this next level of self-care?

Bonus: Substitute one of your shower days with this scrub, the soap will cleanse while the pumice stone exfoliates. Ensure to get your heels for smooth irresistible feet. For best results exfoliate at least 1-2 a week.

226 g

Simple. Time-saving. Effective. Reveal Your Glow!

Smells Like

Blue Mountain & Biscuits

Fresh Warm Coffee break at an upscale coffee shop. 


African Black Soap, Pumice Stone, Blue mountain coffee, Coco-Glucoside, Natural preservative, caffeine, Sea Kelp, Abyssinian Seed Oil, fragrance, Green tea


Calming after rain smell mixed with lavender for a truly relaxing moment


African Black Soap, Pumice Stone, Pink Himalayan salt, Coco-Glucoside, Champa Flower Water, Natural preservative, Vitamin B3, Sea Kelp, Abyssinian Seed Oil, fragrance, Cucumber peel

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Unforgivingly Pur. Durham Region. Bold. Natural. Authentic. Clean Beauty Skincare

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Natural Hair and body buttercream in 5 amazing scents from Unforgivingly Pur beauty toronto ontario
Coconut Lime Natural Hair and body buttercream from Unforgivingly Pur beauty toronto ontario
Lemon Raspberry Natural Hair and body buttercream from Unforgivingly Pur beauty toronto ontario
Grapefruit Mango Natural Hair and body buttercream from Unforgivingly Pur beauty toronto ontario
Vanilla Mint Natural Hair and body buttercream from Unforgivingly Pur beauty toronto ontario
Men's burbon Natural Hair and body buttercream from Unforgivingly Pur beauty toronto ontario
hair and body buttercream texture from Unforvigingly Pur beauty toronto ontario

Hair and Body Buttercreme

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Vegan friendly. Nut free. For all skin and hair types.

Putting on body butter shouldn't feel like a task, many otha butters can leave your skin greasy and feel like it takes forever to absorb. With our incredibly rich and soft buttercream your skin and hair will feel irresistible and can easily lock in the moisture. Issa whole new experience that will boost your mood while your skin thanks you. 

We offer self-care on anotha level, this is a triple butter buttercream with seaweed and Guava extracts and it's here to stay! Purista's your love of our buttercream is everything!! Not only does it do wonders for your skin but when used as a twist out or heat/colour protectant it transforms your hair to feel so delicate and soft. With extracts like guava inside, you're benefiting from vitamins A,B and C and it adds natural fiber to your hair. Are you a man looking for something for your beard? A little goes a long way but you'll thank us later as your beard begins to look healthy and maybe even feel fuller. 

Now the only decision left is what scent you're gonna get. Our question to you is which scent suits your mood? Are you subtle but sweet? like our Sweet talk kiss with a twist? What about our refreshing Lemonberry Goodness, Fun and yummy Coco Margarita, warm vanilla mint, or our new scent in the For Him line called Millionaire Motives. What ever your scent choice is, now is the time to click add to cart and check out before is sells out. 

Pair this up with our amazing body scrub or body wash to enrich your experience and feel the difference quality makes. It's one thing to like natural products but it's another to fall completely in love with the touch, feel and smell like so many of our Puristas already have. Join the club and be able to brag to those around you.

Note to Purista
*May cause your partner to caress you nonstop*
*Will leave your skin feeling irresistible*
*Will cause an over-boost in confidence*

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